USING VERODIN The cybersecurity landscape is vast, complex and ever-changing.  For too long, organizations have lacked systems to measure the effectiveness of their cybersecurity.  Despite enormous effort and dollars spent, cybersecurity teams are forced to rely on assumptions and hope, with no visibility into their effectiveness beyond a point in time.  This has resulted in “Security Tools Overload” and frustration for both the cybersecurity team and executive management when trying to communicate and understand the true value of the effort and dollars being spent. Verodin SIP is a foundational technology that enables organizations to understand and communicate cybersecurity effectiveness with quantifiable, evidence-based data.  This paradigm shift elevates cybersecurity from a “magic black box” to a metrics-driven business unit. Verodin SIP empowers everyone involved in the cybersecurity lifecycle (from the SOC, to the CISO, to the boardroom) to measurably improve and demonstrate the value of their defenses across people, process and technology.



Boards understand the personal fiduciary risk involved if their cybersecurity controls fail to be effective.  They pour millions of dollars into the security pot every year, but it’s unclear if those investments are really paying off.  Boards want more visibility but don’t have the time or expertise to decode technobabble.  Instead, they need straight-forward, demonstrable results that can be easily quantified into business value.  Organizations, from the top down, are demanding assurance that the defenses they have in place are actually working.  Before Verodin SIP, security ROI assessments were based on assumptions and hope.  Verodin is the first platform to measure and manage cybersecurity like every other metrics-driven business unit.

  • Quantify the core security risks to the business
  • Measurably improve layered defenses
  • Dramatically increase security ROI
  • Understand security gaps, priorities and goals
  • Rationalize dollars spent with demonstrable results
  • Manage cybersecurity like other metric-based business units
  • Move from due diligence to due care


As the business interface to the IT and security organization, CIOs and CISOs must be able to clearly demonstrate quantitative returns on their cybersecurity investments.  When the board asks, “Are the dollars we’re spending actually making us more secure?”, the answer should be supported with empirical data – not assumptions.  Verodin SIP equips CIOS and CISOs with a business platform that is purpose-built to measure, manage and improve cybersecurity effectiveness.  CIOs and CISOs leverage Verodin to realize the maximum potential of their defensive stack, build stronger teams and communicate security spend-to-value to the board.

  • Expose true gaps across people, process and technology
  • Maximize ROI from existing security investments
  • Streamline communications with the board
  • Clearly demonstrate security spend-to-value
  • Identify overlapping security tools and deadweight controls
  • Build stronger security teams and make confident hires
  • Improve processes and measurably mature defenses
  • Justify initiatives supported with evidence-based data
  • Assess new products with empirical insights


When combating cyber attacks, organizations can’t afford to leave any room for assumptions.  Defenders must be able to prove and continuously validate that their security controls perform optimally at all times.  They need visibility into what tools are working, what needs to be tuned or reconfigured and what can be retired.  In addition, defenders require real-world training and frequent practice to maximize their security effectiveness.  Security instrumentation provides defenders with a mechanism to accurately assess and measurably mature their layered defenses.  Verodin SIP proactively identifies configuration issues and exposes true gaps across people, process and technology – it’s the evidence-based approach to cybersecurity management.

  • Improve incident prevention configurations
  • Reduce response times
  • Identify true gaps in the security posture where additional controls are needed
  • Understand what you are blocking, detecting and missing completely
  • Continuously challenge and validate controls
  • Tune SIEM and log management rules, firewalls and endpoint security
  • Measure how your team is improving as they train and practice
  • Accurately assess how effective your security team is at a point in time
  • Turn red team findings into blue team awareness


Organizations exhaust massive amounts of time and money supporting offensive activities.  Traditionally, the output of these efforts have been limited to the scale and scope of manual, labor-intensive penetration exercises.  Red teams simply cannot physically generate actionable insights at the frequency that modern organizations require.  Furthermore, the findings that surface out of this exhaustive process tend to be point in time assessments that don’t offer lasting impact for blue teams to properly digest and effectively leverage in their defensive processes.  Verodin SIP is a force multiplier for the Red team.  What used to take weeks, like reverse engineering and weaponizing a PCAP, is now accomplished in minutes.  Instrumenting offensive activities with Verodin results in faster, safer and more meaningful insights that directly translate into real business value.

  • Establish consistency to measure from
  • Safely run attack behaviors in the production environment
  • Perform offensive activities in a safe, consistent manner
  • Bridge the gap between Blue and Red teams
  • Measurably improve defenses and demonstrate business value
Controls val


Due to the complex and ever-changing nature of IT environments, security controls start decaying the moment after they’re installed.  Even small network changes can put giant holes in an organization’s carefully architected security infrastructure.  You might not be vulnerable to an attack today, but what about tomorrow?  Or next week?  Outside of hoping and praying, there hasn’t been a practical way of combating this inevitable “Defensive Regression,” until now.  Verodin SIP makes it possible for security teams to continuously monitor and validate the optimum configuration for every control in their defensive stack. For example, when someone updates a signature and inadvertently deactivates a correlation rule, Verodin proactively generates an alert. Verodin’s automatic controls validation instills a confidence that travels all the way up the ladder.

  • Continuously combat “Defensive Regression”
  • Shift from reviewing configurations to testing and validating configurations
  • Establish a configuration baseline and continuously test for adherence to the baseline